July 5
Geneva to Aigle, Switzerland

We met at Geneva airport for a ride in Cyclevents' rented Mercedes vanto our campground near Montreux. Tom had to move our starting point fromMontreux to Aigle because the campground at Montreux would not place ourparty together.

I took a picture of a beautiful castle on the way to Montreux (near Vevey).Can anybody identify it for me?

There were nine of us. We met at the Geneva airport and talked some enroute, but the van was really crowded, so it wasn't until we had an opportunityto talk in camp and in the village of Aigle, that we got to know one another.

We locked all of our bicycles to a tree in camp at Aigle (more were addedafter the photo).

After we got our tents set up, we walked to Aigle for a beer and somepizza.

(there was an Apple computer dealer to the right; but they were closed)

cute children

Later we walked around Aigle and up to the Chateau. This is wine countryand there are vineyards everywhere.

The Chateau and wine label museum were interesting.

view from the Chateau at Aigle

I couldn't resist this shot through the castle wall

Aigle wine labels were quite artistic


We did not do any riding today.

0 miles

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