July 8
Grindelwald, Switzerland

This was our first day off. I ate breakfast at the hotel and again in camp. Both were included in my fee, and I was hungry. I looked around at the lush valley we were camped in.

There are all sorts of lifts suspended from cables to serve the ski slopes and mountain-top communities in the area.

Europeans camp much differently than we do in America. They travel in cars (not vans or SUVs) and set up tents or travel trailers with huge vestibules. They tend to camp in one place for their entire month of holiday.

Most of the riders took the train back to Interlaken and shopped. I decided to get my digital pictures downloaded into the computer and to use my new Swiss phone adapter to connect to the Web. I spent all morning downloading and putting together a simple Web journal, only to discover that the adapter didn't work at all; that no current was flowing through the adapter. I failed.

Dejected, I decided to walk to Grindelwald. Ken and Lisa were taking the train to Interlaken, but walked with me to the train station.

My walk was fascinating. Grindelwald is the epitome of an alpine Swiss ski town.

I ate lunch and shopped. It was a cold rainy day. This man was protecting his dog from the cold as he sat in a sidewalk cafe. The dog was looking for Taco Bell.

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