July 10
Altdorf to Murg, Switzerland

When we started off, we back-tracked through Altdorf and passed the William Tell memorial and the fascinating town.

I really liked seeing the medieval banners hanging in these old towns. I only wish I had more time to explore them.

As we headed out of Altdorf, we started climbing almost immediately. It must have been something I ate, but just after I shot the church picture above and climbed up past it, I became sick to my stomach. I stopped at a schoolyard and walked across to a railing to vomit, but managed to calm my stomach down. I decided it wise, however, to jump in the sag wagon once again.

This is the view I had from the back seat of the sag wagon, complete with Alan's gesticulations. Karrie, Bill and I rode sag today.

The climb up Klausen pass was spectacular--and even more so in a light rain. Mark actually looked like he was enjoying it.

The view of the village of Unterschächen below the 1968 meter pass was just amazing. This picture of Kären and Judith climbing Klausen pass is probably the best picture I took on this trip.

The vistas were huge.

Bill, Karrie and I stopped for lunch in a village part way down fromKlausenpass.

The food was great and the view fantastic. We elected to ride from there on. As I was downloading my bicycle, I set my helmet, handlebar bag and rack trunk on the ground. A cow decided to graze right there and stepped within about 1 mm of my helmet and bags as she ate the grass around them. As we were eating we saw numerous motorists and bicyclists halted by cows in the road. It was an incredibly peaceful feeling.

The ride down from Klausenpass was excellent.

But there were some disconcerting segments of cobblestones at sharp curves.

We reached "civilization" but I did not stop there.

For several miles, we rode along the Walensee, a gorgeous mountain lake.

Tom warned us that we would face a steep climb on the bike path along the lake, but I wasn't quite ready for a 20%+ grade and ground quickly to a halt just managing to get out of Judith's way before I had to jump off the bike.

Our campsite tonight was the polar opposite of last night's. This was one of the best campsites I can ever remember.

A marching band entertained a hundred or so community residents and us into the evening as we sat around drinking local beer.

92 km

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