July 14
Schwangau to Krun, Germany

I was fascinated with the construction techniques employed by Alpine home builders. I had never before seen terra cotta bricks used in home construction and had not before seen cranes used so much in residential construction. I took quite a few film pictures of different construction projects in Switzerland and Germany.

I am not sure why there is a fireplace in what seems to be an outdoor area of this house.

Today's ride was never very tough. There were 12% grades, but that seemed like nothing now. I did discover that my granny chainring needed replacing too.

We stopped at another one of King Ludwig's castles. This one was more classical and ornate than Neuschwanstein. I did not go inside.

I stopped at a huge bike store in Garmisch to get a replacement small chainring. A test ride seemed satisfactory, but when I got on my way and hit some 12% grade, the chain dropped between the middle and small ring. It appears that the store in Füssen used the wrong middle ring, so when the small ring was replaced, the spacing between the rings was too great. I'll have to have the entire drive train replaced when I get back home. At this point in the trip it is too late to do anything else.

I managed to ride over two 12% climbs today in my middle ring. I am clearly getting stronger as I go.

Our campground was pleasant and as always, was surrounded by mountain peaks.

We seemed to have quite a lot of space to ourselves, until a busload of young people from Finland showed up. They set up their tents and filled out all the available space at the campground, but they were quiet and well-behaved.

After dinner, most of us went to the campground restaurant for dessert. In Germany, the restaurants refuse to serve Kuchen (cake) after 5 :00 or 6:00. Apparently, cake is thought of as part of the tea ritual and it is not considered to be dessert. I can understand a restaurant not serving breakfast after a specific time because the cooking surfaces are different, but why a restaurant would refuse to serve food that it has on display is beyond me. Oh well, ice cream and strudel are not subject to the Kuchen curfew, so we were able to eat dessert albeit Kuchen-free.

86 km

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