July 15
Krun to Tegernsee, Germany

As we headed out from Krun, the directions were a bit confusing. We were told to turn East at a toll road. We were expecting a highway similar to the Interstate toll roads in the US, so when Bill, Kären, Karrie and I reached our turning point, we kept on going. I had commented that the one lane road at the top of the hill did appear to be about where we were supposed to turn, but like Bill, I thought perhaps we should look for a larger road around the bend. We were at the top of a hill and reluctantly started down. It never felt right and we stopped again about 4k down the hill. Bill decided to go on to see what was around the bend. At the bottom of the hill, he said he found a toll road and kept expecting the rest of us to show up once we realized the correct route was where he was. Instead, I saw some Munich University people in trucks at the 4k mark and walked through the woods to ask them for directions. They said that we had ridden 4k too far and should go back to the top of the hill and the toll road there -- so we did. Bill was waiting for us at the bottom of the hill. We waited for a while for him at the top of the hill. Then we decided that he must have decided on some other route and we started on our way over the correct toll road. This was no Interstate highway. It was a modern equivalent of the private toll roads of the middle ages. Bicyclists were free. The toll road was operated by a nature preserve. The road was absolutely wonderful -- light traffic, smooth riding, gorgeous woods. The toll taker was amazingly informal in his attire -- but if you have a private toll road, you don't need to follow any dress code. Bill said he waited for us for a couple of hours, then climbed back up the hill and rode the route we took. He arrived about 2-1/2 hours later into camp than us--and to add to his misery, he was stung on the temple by a bee.

The contents of Mark's bottle cage today were a bit unorthodox.

On this, our last night camping, we all seemed surprisingly disappointed to have the trip come to an end.

56 km

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