June 10
Tobermory, Ontario

Every so often, I take a day off in an interesting place. I took theday off today.

I spent this morning editing the web pages since I rode into Canada.Then I went over to the Tobermory Chamber of Commerce and used their phoneline for about an hour to upload all my journal entires and photos to thiswebsite. The entire upload was a long-distance telephone call to Kitchener.I won't probably get another opportunity to upload until I get back to Michigan.I uploaded 4 days of journal entires and photographs, then doublecheckedall the images and links. I am not accostomed to transfer rates of 26,400baud (the speed I was able to attain from Tobermory) and this experiencehas reminded me to use thumbnail photos whenever possible for thoise ofyou who are accessing at slow speeds.

This afternoon I played. I put together a picnic lunch and took a glassbottom boat trip to Flower Pot Island. What an interesting trip. I wasn'tplanning on doing anything for the website today, but the trip to FlowerPot produced so many pictures that I have to let you see them.


This little tugboat "Tug for Two" looked like a nice craftfor cruising the area:

The folks at the Tobermory Chamberof Commerce were quite helpful to me and other visitors who camethere for advice. The Tobermory websiteoffers helpful information and an opportunity for email interaction.

As I noted previously, I took a ride out to Flower Pot Island on a glass-bottomboat.

The boat cruised over a couple of shipwrecks which were amazingly wellpreserved. The Fathom Five underwater National Park is located in Tobermoryand the clarity of the fresh water here is spectacular.

This Canadian Coast Guard boat is self-righting--that is, in a stormthe crew battens the hatches and can capsize without sinking.

The "flower pots" are the results of thousands of years oferosion. The government attempted back in the '30s to preserve these formationsby adding a bit of concrete on top.

The boats drop tourists off at a dock and there is a system of well-groomedtrails criss-crossing the 7 km island. I had about 3 hours from the timeI was dropped off until the pickup time. I struck up a conversation witha couple on the boat-- Suzanne from Germany and Calvin from Vancouver Island,and we set out together to hike the trails. We were all wearing Teva sandals.Suzanne and Calvin bicycled across Canada in 1994, so we had a lot in common.At the end of the hike, we checked out the cold water of Lake Huron.

I don't know much about wildflowers, but sure saw plenty on the island.

This was an unusual flower. I don't know what it was, but it seemed togrow upside down.

[Note 6/18: thanks to the interactive natureof this website and attentive readers like Steve Ulrey and Doug Smith, Iam convinced that this flower was Columbine. In looking it up in my wife'sTaylor's Master Guide to Gardening when I got home, I seethat this is indeed "Aquilegia canadensis" and that they attracthummingbirds. I had always wondered about the red and yellow colorationof hummingbird feeders. I should note also that my wife showed me a Columbinein our back yard, but it is new and has not yet bloomed.]

The erosion that produced the Flower Pots also produced some interestingcaves.

This island is apparently a great environment for snakes. We saw dozensof garter snakes as we walked around the island. The boat captain said thatthese snakes had no natural enemies on the island, so they were everywhere.

The lake water was crystal-clear.

When we got back to Tobermory, we had dinner and talked for several hours.

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