June 12
Gore Bay to Meldrum Bay, Ontario

We had a pleasant breakfast in the greenhouse room of the B&B.

David took off toward Little Current. I stayed to do some website editing,not actually getting out until almost noon. Then I rode around town a bit.

I headed west on highway 540.

Here is a map of today's route:

I thought I had seen the worst of the wind, but today was the worst I'veever experienced. There was a storm coming in. It rained some, but was mostlyjust cloudy and WINDY. Branches and green leaves were blowing onto the road.Three times I actually blew off the road. Gripping the handlebars for allI was worth, the wind just steered me onto the shoulder gravel. The terrainwas very hilly. With the wind, I am sure these hills were equivalent to20% grades. I found myself often in my lowest "granny" gear crawlingalong at 3 mph. I was averaging only around 8 mph.

At one house way out in the country there was an amazing collection ofsculpture:

At several points today, I had to stop to collect myself. I would needto catch my breath. It was incredibly tiring pushing into the wind. At onepoint, I must have looked pretty darned drained, because a van passed meand turned around. They stopped to ask if I needed any help or anything.I was determined not to be beaten by the wind, so I said "no thanks."They indicated that they had ridden their bicycles to Meldrum Bay a fewdays earlier, so could understand what I was going through.

At another point, I was sapped for energy and recalled that I had a pecanbutter tart.

That tart and some Gatorade re-energized me completely. From that pointon, I was in control. There is a point at which I can get past battlingwith the forces of nature and harmonize with it. I hit that point yesterday.I was pedaling into the wind with a smile on my face, enjoying the worldaround me without any struggle. I geared down and pedaled. That's what Ido. The wind has its job--I have mine. Once I reached that harmony, I wasable to focus on the things around me. I started seeing critters along theroad. I counted 5 turtles in a couple of miles. They ranged from small tohuge. The big one was covered with some sort of green algae. It looked likesome sort of wise man from a fantasy.

I reached the Meldrum Bay Inn at about 6:30 PM, exhausted but content.The manager came out to greet me. He said he knew I was coming because PhyllisCook--the B&B owner in Gore Bay--had called to tell them to be on thelookout for me. That was very nice of her.

The Inn is old and a bit thread-bare, but new ownership promises to makechanges and the food is excellent. Now I just have to wait out the storm.With winds of 45 mph, I have no desire to get out on the open lake and thereis little likelihood of a boat charter to Drummond Island now.

45 miles

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