June 13
Meldrum Bay, Ontario to Drummond Island, Michigan

Well, it wasn't easy, but I managed to find transportation to Drummond Island. Rather than attempt the known to be hazardous Route 17, I had always planned to ride my bicycle to Meldrum Bay and then get a boat ride somehow to Drummond Island. My plan was based entirely on wishful thinking. There were no tourist boats in Meldrum Bay that I could hitch a ride on. After yesterday's windstorm, nobody seemed at all interested in taking me from Meldrum to Drummond. I was getting that sinking feeling that I had ridden to the edge of the earth and that there was no way out at all. I tried to charter an airplane to fly me from Gore Bay to Drummond. I made several calls to Gore Bay and locally looking for anybody who would take me the45 miles or so to Drummond.

Years ago, I flew on business via charter aircraft to Stevens Village on the north side of the Yukon River in Alaska. I finished my business and couldn't get ahold of the charter company to fly me home. I realized that I was isolated; that there was no other way whatsoever to get home. I could not walk or take some other form of transportation. In a near panic, I managed to use the school satellite dish in Stevens Village to get a message to the air charter provider that I wanted to be picked up. It wasn't that I didn't like Stevens Village or the people there, but I did not like being stuck. I had that same feeling today.

I took a couple of walks down to the marina.

I saw some young loons there.

Somebody actually crafted a doll house version of the Meldrum Bay Inn.

I had been told by U.S. Customs in Sault Ste. Marie to call Dennis Bailey for customs services on Drummond. Several people on Manitoulin also suggested that I call him (Drummond Island Yacht Haven - 493-5232) for charter boat service. It wasn't cheap but running a powerboat at 30 m.p.h. for an hour and a half each way is costly, so I was not shocked by the $225 fee. The alternative would have been far more costly--at least 3 more nights in a motel or B&B, plus meals. This was my original plan, so shortcutting to Drummond is not cheating as far as I am concerned. Dennis sent his niece to pick me up in an open Boston Whaler, but his sister insisted on accompanying her daughter on the trip and she chose a 33' twin screw flying bridge cruiser instead.

They picked me up right on schedule and the ride back was swift and enjoyable. I knew we were back to Drummond when we saw this sailboat. The weather was distinctly better in Michigan.

My choice of transportation was particularly fortuitous also because these people happen to own most of Drummond Island, including the classy 2,000 acre Woodmoor Resort, where I am staying the night.

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