June 5
Grand Blanc to Port Huron, Michigan

This was a very tough day of riding. Heading from Grand Blanc to Metamora,the roads were narrow (no shoulders) and it was like a roller coaster ride--upand down.

It never got above 53° F, the sun never shined and it rained offand on all day. The area was picturesque, but I took few pictures becauseI had the cameras protected in their OR waterproof bags.

I stopped in Metamora, at the White Horse Inn (since 1850) for lunchand, because there were no windows in the restaurant from which I couldkeep an eye on my bike, I parked my bicycle at a nearby yarn store and chattedwith the friendly proprietress.

At Metamora, I decided to change course. I was told that Old M-21 headingeast from Lapeer was wider and less congested than Dryden Road heading eastfrom Metamora and that the roads (Metamora and Clark) between Metamora andLapeer were not bad.

At Lapeer, I backtracked to avoid some construction, then got on ImlayCity Road for hours. Old M-21 is just that -- OLD. There were shouldersand in some places there still are, but they are badly broken up at mostpoints, so I rode mostly just to the left of the paint line. Sometimes whenthere were heavy trucks (often) in both directions, I swallowed my prideand rode on the shoulder gravel.

With the rain was a constant 10 mph east or north-east wind. My averagespeed for the day is embarrassing: 10.8 mph. At 5:00 a sign said I stillhad 36 miles to go. Because it rained the rest of the day, I took no morepictures.

I didn't reach a motel in Port Huron until after 8:00--a 10 hour day.I erred on my Port Huron approach plan. I skirted to the north of town,when I should have veered to the south. I asked directions to motels androde about 5 miles to the southwest without ever seeing one. I gave up androde back to the area near the Blue Water Bridge, where I found a Days Inn.

I was exhausted.

87 miles


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