June 9
Southampton to Tobermory, Ontario

My host at the Green Gables B&B in Southampton, Tom Marcotte, isquite an interesting fellow. He spent 400 hours building this scale modelof Henry Hudson's sailing ship, the Half Moon. He knew all about the HalfMoon because he served as navigator years ago on a replica ship when itsailed in Lake Huron. The detail on this model is amazing.

The Green Gables was a wonderful place to stay. It was so comfortablethat I hated to leave. I finally got on my way at around 10:30 AM and stoppedon the outskirts of town at a grocery store for Gatorade. I headed northfrom Southampton along the lakeshore instead of riding on Highway 21. Thecottages along the lakeshore seemed rustic and my sort of place--not theexcessively groomed cottages prevalent along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

I stopped at Sauble Beach at noon for a Dairy Queen cone (chocolate icecream--not soft serve).

I rolled my bicycle through the sand on the beach to get this picture.It was quite a struggle to wrestle the heavy bicycle through the soft sand.

Sauble Falls is a couple of miles north of town.

Then I rode to Oliphant. This is an island viewed from Oliphant.

I rode past a restaurant about 1/4 mile south of town, only to be toldby a woman riding her bicycle in town that there were no facilities yetopen for the year in town, so I rode back to the restaurant south of town.I stopped there for lunch--a turkey sandwich and some tomato macaroni soup.The waitress informed me that the woman was wrong; that there was a restaurantopen year-round in town. You just can't believe what people tell you.

Then I headed over to Highway 6 by going east on Road 13 to Quarry Road(a gravel road about 1 mile long), turned right on an unmarked gravel roadthat dead-ended after about 1/4 mile at 6. Highway 6 was bad. There wasquite a bit of truck traffic. Several big rigs, including one particulardump truck came too close to me. I rode more than 40 miles on 6, constantlywondering how I could possibly make it any further.

Before starting this trip, I bought new cycling shoes. My mechanic extraordinaire,Al, installed the SPD cleats for me and they seemed just fine until today.The right side of my right foot started cramping up. I stopped about ever5 miles. I stopped to tighten the laces. I stopped to walk barefoot fora few minutes. I stopped to try more padded socks. The foot was killingme. I could barely stand on it. I got my tools out and re-aimed the cleat,hoping that the angle of the cleat was "cramping my style." Myeffort did not solve the problem. I literally "limped" into Tobermory.

I'll probably take a day off hoping my foot will calm down--it seemsswollen now. I am surprised to report that none of the motels in Tobermoryhave telephones in the rooms. I asked the desk clerk here if I could usetheir phone, but was told they needed it for business calls, so I went tothe Chamber of Commerce, where I was greeted with enthusiasm and cooperation.I have been told I can use their telephone.

For further information about Tobermory,there is a website.

NOTE June10: Though my foot now seems fine, I am taking the day off so that I canget everything uploaded. I've held off for a few days because I did notsucceed in getting a toll-free 800 internet account in Canada, so I'll haveto incur long distance telephone charges calling my ISP in Toronto. I amtold that telephone access is even more difficult on Manitoulin Island,so this may be the last upload until I get back into Michigan.

74 miles


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