Williamston, Michigan

With almost no prior planning, I decided to ride my bicycle from Williamston(at the bottom-left corner of the map on the previouspage) on a counter-clockwise solo and self-contained bicycle trip aroundLake Huron .

I have never undertaken to determine how far I am traveling, but I amallotting only two weeks for the trip, because I depart for Europe at thebeginning of July. I consider this trip a shakedown, burn-off cruise whichis absolutely essential if I am going to make it up the 20% grades in theAlps. Though there aren't any 20% grades on the paved roads around LakeHuron, I do expect that I've overdone it and that the bike weighs around90 lbs. Hefting that much weight around for a couple of weeks should betantamount to climbing some mountains.

As with my previous adventures, don't get nervous if I don't report inevery day. I am attempting to camp out as much as possible, so do not expectto have ready access to phone lines. I'll attempt, if necessary, to splurgeand stay at a motel around every third night, just to be certain to keepthe website reasonably current.

I have not been to the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario since the '60s, sohave no idea what traffic conditions are like. I expect my toughest dayor two will be the segment across lower Michigan from Williamston to MarineCity. I expect the traffic to be relatively congested at several pointsas I skirt around the outer fringe of Detroit suburbs. I've never been toMarine City, but must go there to cross the St. Clair River by ferry. Iam informed that bicycles are not permitted to cross the Blue Water Bridgebetween Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario. I doubt I will make itall the way to Marine City in one day.


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