DAY 2: Metamora State Park-St. Clair, Michigan

We departed the motorhome and Metamora-Hadley State Park at around 8:30 in light rain and a chilling 34 degrees. Climbing a couple of steep hills on the way to Metamora warmed us up considerably, and by the time we stopped for breakfast on M-24, it was starting to clear up.

The French toast was excellent. Wendell had a huge blueberry pancake. In no hurry to brave the cold, I nursed my coffee and Wendell his hot chocolate. Riding east on Dryden Road we found the tailwinds invigorating once again. We were extremely pleased to find twenty-four inch shoulders. That's all it takes to make even busy roads tolerable.

24" shoulders

Rick leading the way

After we had been riding for about half an hour, a lone cyclist approached us from behind. Rick was riding a century (100 miles), his 43rd of the year, from Grand Blanc solo and unencumbered. He slowed down and led us all the way to our lunch stop in Memphis. Rick said he knew a better route to Memphis, so we followed him instead of the Adventure Cycling route we had intended to follow. I was amazed that Rick and I knew several cyclists in common. Wendell and I invited him to join us for lunch, but he begged off on the premise that he was leading another century ride the next day in Lapeer.

From Memphis we had an uneventful ride into St. Clair.

I checked in at one of my favorite places to stay, the historic St. Clair Inn, while Wendell and Kathi drove their motorhome to a nearby KOA campground. At the St. Clair Inn, my daughter joined me for a phenomenal seafood dinner. From my room and the dining room, I enjoyed watching huge ore boats and ocean freighters passing by in the river.

Realizing that I had forgotten the USB cable that I use normally to connect my digital camera to my laptop, I looked through the telephone book for an electronics store. The only one in the area that would be likely to be open on Saturday, was located about 20 miles north in Port Huron. After dinner, I was able to get my daughter to drive me there in her Beetle. The store did not have a four pin USB cable that I needed for the camera, but they did have a USB card reader, and it was on sale for only $10. I downloaded my photos that way. Having my daughter come up to visit helped immensely.

My forgetfulness was not limited, however, to the cable. I also forgot my entire second street clothes outfit and one of my important medications. I could do without or replace the clothes, but the medicine was far more complex. I decided to try calling my doctor on Monday before our departure from St. Clair and ask him to call in a prescription to a St. Clair pharmacy.

58 miles

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