Southwest Ontario Self-Supported Tour

Just across the border from Southeast Michigan is a foreign land of friendlier drivers and easy touring . . . and they speak the same language as us. I laid out a route that allow four of us to share in the experience for six days in August of 2004.

Heading off promptly of the 2004 DALMAC ride, I haven't had time to put a journal together or even put labels on my photos, but I hope the pictures will convey how much fun we had.

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Day 1: Carpooled and met in Marine City, MI. Took Ferry ($2 USD round trip) from Marine City to Sombra, Ontario, Canada. Then rode on pleasant country roads to Ridgetown #1 (camping in park, no shower, but bathroom facilities) - 56 miles Day 4: From Pelee Island on ferry to Kingsville, then the Chrysler Canada Greenway trail to Amherstburg (visited Ft Malden Nat'l Historic Site). Camped at Jellystone Park campground #4 - 32 mi
Day 2: From Ridgetown along Lake Erie (past numerous roadside fruit vendors) to Wheatley #2 (camping in private campground at Lake Erie with showers) - 58 mi
Day 5: Rode from Amherstburg along the Detroit River, through downtown Windsor, then along the south shore of Lake St Clair to Rochester Place #5 (camping at golf course/campground with restaurant, bar, showers) - 63 mi
Day 3: From Wheatley to the hydrofoil "Flyer" ferry at Kingsville and to Pelee Island #3 (vistied the Pelee Island Winery, camped in private campground) - 30 mi Day 6: Through Chatham and Wallaceburg and along the St Clair River to the ferry at Sombra/Marine City - 60 mi

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