Alaska: The Last Frontier

 Alaska map

 Preliminary Preparations


 Chatanika - Fairbanks


 Fairbanks Pictorial


 Fairbanks - Harding Lake


 Harding Lake - Delta Junction


 Delta Junction - Dot Lake


 Dot Lake - Northway


 Northway - Beaver Creek, Yukon


Alaska route map

I lived in Alaska for 16 years (most of my adult life) and consider it home. Making this trip has been on my mind ever since 1986 (on my way home from Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC to Fairbanks with my family) when I saw several Japanese cyclists riding up the then mostly gravel and very dusty Alaska Highway near Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory. Alaska route map

Alaska Roads (red line marks my route)
There are more miles of paved roadway in the City of Detroit than in the entire State of Alaska (1/5 of the United States land area).

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