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Alaska to Florida Bicycle Adventure
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This page chronicles a 98 day, 6,011 mile bicycle trip from Alaska to Florida USA Today hot site logomade as part of a pledge drive to fund the construction of a new library building in Williamston, Michigan.

From Alaska to Michigan and Florida, I have uploaded digital photos, ride reports, maps, equipment reviews, historical and geographical information, poetry and prose as regularly as possible depending on telephone access along the way, using the tools
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In the northern hemisphere, the prevailing winds are out of the west, and in North America, they're often out of the northwest, so in riding my bicycle from Alaska, in the northwest corner of the continent, to Florida, in the southeast corner, I have counted on TAILWINDS.

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I've reached my destination, but this website won't be terminated anytime soon. I plan to publish a book about my trip. Furthermore, I've gotten the adventure bug and have every intention of doing more trips, so stay tuned for further information.

Unless labeled otherwise, all of the pages (graphics & text) on this website were written and created by me, and the opinions expressed are mine and not those of my sponsors or anybody else. If you have suggestions or comments, you can best reach me via e-mail:

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 photo of Ed Noonan by Kevin Crean - Key West
11/4/96 - Florida
photo by Kevin Crean
Key West
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