1996 Library Building Fund Drive

photo: Williamston library
JoAnn Hegedus - Head Librarian

Williamston is a small town (about 3,000 residents) located about 20 miles East of Lansing, Michigan. In the Winter of 1994, the building occupied by the Williamston Library experienced major structural damage as a result of snow load on its roof. Repairs were made, but engineers concluded that the 75 year old building would last only about 2 years. A recent inspection resulted in a one year reprieve, but it is clear that it is time now to build a new library building!

As a member of the Williamston City Council, I am Chair of the Library Committee. Our committee has chosen a beautiful city-owned building site on the north bank of the Red Cedar River on which to build a new $1 Million library. The City has established a tax exempt Library Building Trust Fund and we're seeking contributions.

I dedicated the portion of my bicycle ride between Alaska and Michigan to raising funds for library construction and established a pledge drive by which people could pledge so much per mile. I asked: "How much per mile are you willing to pay to see this middle-aged overweight guy ride?"

According to DeLorme's CyberRouter it is 3,586 miles from Fairbanks to Williamston. Bicycling often requires using less direct routes, however, so I expected I would be riding about 4,000 miles. I actually rode 4,321 miles. We received pledges from all over the world, but I'm sorry to report that we fell short of our goal by more than $990,000. We still need all the contributions we can get.

If you are interested in contributing to this worthy cause, please obtain a contribution form and send it to us with your check. Upon receipt of your check, the City will send you a receipt for your tax records.

This is a worthy tax deductible cause. Your generosity will be most appreciated.


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