After I made all of my equipment and service selections based entirely on my own evaluations of the products on the market, I sought out sponsorship from some of the companies that I chose. I published this website because I enjoy using and showing off high technology and highlighting places and people you might not otherwise see. The following companies have sponsored this website:

Voyager Information Services

Internet service provider formerly hosting this website

State-of-the-art software used in programming this website


Olympus America

State of the art digital cameras used on this website

Newer Technology
Makers of the NUpowr G3 upgrade for the Macintosh PowerBook 2400c laptop computer formerly used on this website

Global Mapping Systems

State of the art Global Positioning System software

DeLorme Mapping

State of the art global positioning hardware, software (Streets USA) & maps

(Recreational Equipment, Inc..) Northville, MI
Outdoor recreation equipment supplier, including GPS systems
Central Park Bicycles
Okemos, Michigan
(517) 349-8880
My bicycle supplier and servicer
(no website)

Universal Map
Williamston, Michigan

A primary map supplier for mapes used on my journeys

 Cartwright & Danewell

Grayling, Michigan
(517) 348-7903


Camping gear & outdoor clothing supplier

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