After I made all of my equipment and service selections based entirely on my own evaluations of the products on the market, I sought out sponsorship from some of the companies I chose. I am publishing this website because I enjoy using and showing off high technology and highlighting places and people you might not otherwise see.

The following companies are sponsoring this website:

Voyager Information Services
Internet service provider furnishing the server for this website.
Global Village Communication
State-of-the-art PC card modem used for dial-in access to internet service providers and Ethernet communication
Digital camera used for pictures on the Alaska to Florida pages
State-of-the-art software used in program- ming this website

State-of-the-art Web browser software

Central Park Bicycles
Okemos, Michigan
(517) 349-8880
Bicycle and bike gear supplier
Cartwright & Danewell
Grayling, Michigan
(517) 348-7903
Camping gear & outdoor clothing supplier
 Gaylord, Ducharme & Associates (GDA)
Victoria, British Columbia
"Unofficial" Canadian sponsor


Fairbanks, Alaska
Alaska internet service provider
 Universal Map
Williamston, Michigan
Map supplier

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