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From: Ed Noonan, LAMALUG Webmaster <> 6/3/98

Subject: Tailwinds - & NUpowr G3 PowerBook 2400c/240

I am heading off today on a two week (or less) solo and self-contained bicycle circumference of the western half of Lake Huron. I am carrying my Macintosh PowerBook computer and Olympus digital camera, so hope to post journal entries and photos daily as I did on my Alaska-Florida ride. Tune me in at <http://www.voyager.net/tailwinds/1998/huron.html>

THIS IS NO ORDINARY POWERBOOK -- For the last couple of months, I have been beta-testing a Newer NUpowr G3 PowerBook 2400c/240 .

When cross-country bicyclists drill holes in their toothbrushes to save weight, I am amazed at what I accomplished by switching from a 100 Mhz PowerBook 5300c to a 180 Mhz PowerBook 2400c and then upgrading to the 240 Mhz NUpowr G3. I cut the weight of the high-tech gear I carry on my bicycle in half (from 13.5 lbs on my Alaska to Florida bicycle trip, to about 6.75 lbs now) and bettered the power of my desktop PowerMacintosh 8600/300 with a 4.4 lb. PowerBook 2400c. By installing a 64 Mb RAM module, I took my PB 2400c to its 80 Mb RAM limit. I then decided to match the 8600/300's disk space in my PowerBook by substituting an IBM 4.2 Gb hard drive from MCE for the original 1.3 Gb drive.

This is a very cost-effective solution:

PowerBook 2400c --


Newer NUpowr G3 Upgrade -- MacZone


IBM 4.2 Gb hard drive --


64 Mb RAM module -- MCE




(plus shipping, taxes, installation)

My NUpowr G3 PowerBook 2400c is fast per Ziff Davis' MacBench 4.0:

 Processor  793
 Floating Point  766

It is just as fast as the new PowerBook G3s from Apple. According to only the 1400/g3/250 (830), the G3/250/cache 125 (800) and G3/275/proto (802) produced faster processor scores and only the G3/250/cache 125 (800) produced a faster floating point score. My scores are so close to those numbers though that the distinction is negligible.

Instead of just email dispatches, I use my PowerBook 2400c for website programming from my bicycle and tent as I travel. With the NUpowr G3, I can rotate and edit Photoshop images from my Olympus digital cameras as fast as my eyes can see them. A 90° rotation is instantaneous.

This package makes serious computing truly mobile. What more could anybody ask for? I installed Photoshop 5 today and plan to head out tomorrow on a 2 week 1000 mile solo & self-contained trip around the western half of Lake Huron and in July, I will be riding my bicycle across the Alps from Geneva, Switzerland to Munich, Germany. I will attempt to upload from the field during both trips . - - Ed

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