Ed Noonan's List of URLs for Writers
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The Web is huge and constantly changing. I am certain that in compiling this list of URLs, I have missed some important links. I hope, however, that by perusing these URLs, you will realize the breadth of writers' resources available and be able to find more of your own.

Directories of Book Resources:

Amazon.com <http://www.amazon.com> With millions of titles, Amazon claims to be "earth's biggest bookstore." If anybody wants to locate information about a book, including reviews, Amazon is the place to look. Amazon makes it possible for readers, authors and publishers to annotate book listings in their catalog.
BookFair <http://www.bookfair.com> Though there are some programming flaws, this is the "mother lode" of writing-related websites. It provides an Internet "road map" to book related websites.
Bookport Book Resource <http://www.bookport.com/1996/Resources/bookmetasites.html> A short list of book sites.
Inkspot <http://www.inkspot.com> This very comprehensive website offers market information, tips on improving writing, articles, interviews with professional authors and editors, networking opportunities, job opportunities, and a guide to the best resources for writers on the net. Links include: market information; networking opportunities; the craft of writing; young writers; and more.
Internet Book Information Center <http://www.internetbookinfo.com> A comprehensive table of contents.
<http://www.execpc.com/~mbr/bookwatch> Offers an extensive collection of links to resources for writers.
<http://www.ume.maine.edu/~wcenter/resource.html> Links to writing resources, dictionaries, thesauri, foreign language dictionaries, citation formats, English as a second language resources, composition and rhetoric resources, etc.

Some interesting book resources:

American Society of Journalists and Authors <http://www.asja.org> Claims to be America's leading organization of independent nonfiction writers, with more than 1,000 members. Only professional freelance writers of nonfiction for general audiences are eligible for ASJA membership: a minimum of six articles from a variety of national periodicals, major regional magazines or newspapers.
Association of American Publishers (AAP) <http://www.publishers.org> The principal trade association of the book publishing industry.
Authorlink! <http://www.authorlink.com> Information and marketing service for editors, literary agents and writers. Showcases, markets and matches manuscripts of experienced/published writers to publishers' needs.
Authors' Interface <http://www.authorsinterface.com> A manuscript placement service dedicated to helping literary agents and book publishers acquire quality manuscripts. Authors are invited to submit their unpublished manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, for evaluation and possible listing.Not a literary agency; no charge for helping authors find someone interested in their work. The site is "collectively supported by those authors seeking agents and publishers interested in fresh ideas and unique literary voices."
<http://www.authorworld.com/main/index.asp> Includes AuthorBase, an online database of markets for writers and artists, forums, links and an online magazine with articles about writing.
BookBuzz <http://www.bookbuzz.com> "A website for lovers of books and people interested in the publishing industry, bookselling, book marketing, and book publicity. Publicize, market, advertise your book or line of books. Find media guests for your talk show. Read excerpts. Listen to authors on Real Audio. Keep up with industry trends. Preview future bestsellers. Enjoy."
Books AtoZ <http://www.booksatoz.com> This Seattle company's website claims to offer "one stop access to all the services and information publishers need."
Books.com <http://www.books.com> An Amazon competitor with a pleasing well-designed website with excerpts from books, RealAudio readings and interviews, interesting book reviews and selections.
BookTalk <http://www.booktalk.com> "Publishing insider's page where you'll find out who's hot and what's up."
BookWeb.org <http://www.bookweb.org> The website of the American Booksellers Association, a nationwide association of independent bookstores.
BookWire <http://www.bookwire.com> Inside the Book Business per R.R. Bowker (Publishers Weekly).

<http://www.bookwire.com/PW> Interactive magazine of book publishing and bookselling (news, bestseller lists, and classified ads).
<http://www.bookwire.com/highway> Comprehensive author tour information. Searches by Author, Title, Publisher, City, State, Region & Bookstore.
<http://www.bookwire.com/tbr> Features transcripts of online interviews with authors and reviews of the latest titles.
The Boston Book Review <http://www.bookwire.com/bbr/bbr-home.html> Over 600 in-depth book reviews, essays and interviews
<http://www.bookwire.com/boldtype> An online literary magazine
<http://www.bookwire.com/hmr> Essays and book reviews; poetry postcards and discussion area.
<http://www.bookwire.com/chub> Weekly book reviews.
QBR (Quarterly Black Review) <http://www.bookwire.com/qbr/qbr.html> Reviews of black literature.
<http://www.bookwire.com/cbr> Reviews of the latest books on the latest technologies.

BookZone <http://bookzone.com> For those of you who have self-published, there are listings for 800 publishers and authors. Includes single-title listings where authors publish a 100 word description of their book, a cover graphic and a 3,000 word "Peek Between the Covers." Fee: $189 first title for one year (of course, Amazon is free).
Canadian Publishers' Council <http://www.pubcouncil.ca> Canada's main English language book publishing trade association.
Cassell Network of Writers <http://writers-editors.com> Linking professional writers with those who hire writers & editorial help. Members receive up-to-date market information, a free Writer Data Bank referral listing and an opportunity to be listed on the "Meet Our Writers" pages on the site.
Children's Writing Resource Center <http://write4kids.com> "How to" information and Articles like: "How Do I Get Started As A Children's Writer?"
Copyright Clearance Center <http://www.copyright.com> Provides licensing systems for the reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials throughout the world.
Copyright Website <http://www.benedict.com> "[E]ndeavors to provide real world, practical and relevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers, webspinners, content providers, musicians, appropriationists, activists, infringers, outlaws, and law abiding citizens. "
Creative Freelancers Registry <http://www.ghg.net/cfr> The Texas-based Registry maintains a database of freelancers, book consulting services for self-publishers and print brokering services.
Eclectic Writer <http://www.eclectics.com/writing/writing.html> Newsletter, message board, links and articles about writing.
Editorial Services Online <http://www.edserv.com> For $30/hour, this business provides editorial services. The writer emails a word processing file to EDSERV where they correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, or do heavier editing and rewriting, then returns a corrected word-processing file.
<http://www.spies.com/dell/etext.html> This single page lists quite a number of etext sources, including Project Gutenberg, Internet Wiretap, Etext Archives, etc.
Freelance Online <http://freelanceonline.com> A professional online service for freelancers in the publishing and advertising fields. It serves as a directory for employers and as a resource and information center for freelancers.
Freelance Writers <http://freelancewrite.miningco.com/mbody.htm> Includes "Bylines", a gallery of fine writing sold on a pay-per-view basis.
Horror Writers Association <http://www.horror.org> Formed to bring writers and others with a professional interest in horror together, and to foster a greater appreciation of dark fiction among the general public. The nicely programmed website includes a reading list, exclusive markets for HWA members, publicity information, an agent database, networking with other horror writers, and even a hardship fund, to grant loans to members in times of extreme financial emergency.
Investigative Reporters & Editors, Inc. <http://www.ire.org> IRE was formed in 1975 with the intent of creating a networking tool and a forum in which journalists from across the country could raise questions and exchange ideas.
Iowa Writers' Workshop <http://www.uiowa.edu/~iww> University of Iowa's creative writing program.
<http://www.canoe.ca/JamBooks> This Canadian website offers book news, reviews, sales charts.
LiteraryAgent.Com <http://www.literaryagent.com> This agent database site was developed to help authors meet agents, causing more books to be published and creating more work for the ad agencies that publish the site.
<http://lmp.bookwire.com> A subset of Bookwire, LMP lists publishers, agents, trade services and trade resources.
National Association of Science Writers <http://www.nasw.org> Since 1934.
National Writers Union <http://www.nwu.org> The 5,000 member union (part of the UAW) for freelance writers takes an active role in protecting the rights of writers. For instance, NWU recently formally opposed Barnes and Noble's acquisition of the Ingram Book Group (the largest distributor of books).
Novelists, Inc. <http://www.ninc.com> Dedicated to serving the needs of multi-published writers of popular fiction. Members must have published at least two novels ("from bona fide professional publishers") to join.
On-line Books Page <http://info-s.com/e-text.html#THE ON-LINE BOOKS> This Info-service web page indexes more than 7000 English works in various formats.
Pocket Pebbles <http://www.pocketpebbles.com> A literary "zine:" essay, poetry, story, journal, writers, words, metaphor, resources and themes.
Poets & Writers Online <http://www.pw.org> Poets & Writers magazine, publishing advice, message forum, contests, workshops, news, links and classified ads.
Publishers Catalogues Home Page <http://www.lights.com/publisher> Website from Saskatoon lists all publishers catalogs by country. Also includes web-based writing class and links to other writing sites.
Pulpless.com <http://www.pulpless.com> Free-to-download paperless books. In a revolutionary new medium of publishing the webmaster hopes to make money for the author by selling banner ads, not books. Pulpless.Com negotiates World Display Rights with the author for free Web release of a book (or a series of books). The book's sponsor purchases ads inside the book which is downloaded in a format such as Adobe Acrobat or HTML, as well as click-through banners for the on-line posting of the book's chapters for web surfers. Pulpless.Com prepares the book for publication on the web. The advertiser will be charged for each download of the book or banner click-through on the pages for that book. The author shares the advertising revenue with Pulpless.Com.
<http://www.pma-online.org> non-profit trade association representing independent publishers of books, audio, video and CDs.
<http://www.nettrends.com/romanceauthors> For writers: Research Index, Advice for the new writer,Articles on Writing and Meet More New Writers.
Romance Writers of America <http://www.rwanational.com> A non-profit professional/educational association of 8,200 romance writers.
Rose & Thorn Literary Ezine <http://members.aol.com/Raven763/index.html> A quarterly showcase of short fiction, non-fiction, poetry and essays.
<http://www.imt.net/~gedison/wwa.html> Published by Western Writers of America, Inc. (VP-Rally's own Loren Estleman).
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America <http://www.sfwa.org> Articles about writing.
<http://www.teleport.com/~cdeemer/scrwriter.html> Resources for screenwriters and playwrights - from structure to marketing.
<http://www.upclink.com> Connects the websites of online booksellers to publisher's web pages. Free to booksellers, but there is a 1 cent per "click-through" charge to publishers after a 90 day free trial period.
Waterside Productions, Inc. <http://www.waterside.com> An electronic rights, software, and literary agency.
<http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/Memorial/whopubs.htm> A University of Wisconsin guide to help writers identify the most appropriate periodicals in which they might have their work published.
World Wide Freelance Directory <http://www.cvp.com/freelance> A comprehensive listing of independent consultants and firms in all areas of expertise.
Write News <http://www.writenews.com> Writers Write, Internet Writing Journal, classified ads, job listings, world news, arts wire, marketplace, news resources and HowToWeb.
Writer Online <http://www.novalearn.com/wol> A "zine" for writers of all kinds.
WritePage <http://www.writepage.com> "[A]n on-line newsletter with over 300 pages of author and book information for readers and how-to information for writers of genre fiction. "
Write Site <http://www.thewritesite.com> A visually attractive website offering a literary magazine, creative writing workshops, links, a book club, live chat and classified ads.
<http://www.sfwa.org/Beware/Warnings.html> Warnings and cautions for writers about questionable practices by agents, publishers, and others.
Writer's Internet Resource Guide <http://www.novalearn.com/wirg> 500+ links for writers of every kind
WritersNet <http://www.writers.net> Internet resource for writers (published writers only), editors, publishers and agents. The key function is an interactive discussion group on each of the subjects.
Writers on the Net <http://www.writers.com> "A group of published writers and experienced writing teachers building an online community and resource for writers and aspiring writers." Website includes a message board, online classes, tutors, writers groups, and tips.
Writer's Digest <http://www.writersdigest.com> An online guide to getting published. This comprehensive website includes all the sorts of articles you see in the printed Writer's Digest (but you don't get Writer's Market), along with everything from a "hot list" of publishers, 1,100 writers guidelines, to an online guide to writer's conferences.
Writers Write: The Write Resource <http://www.writerswrite.com> A "zine"--one-stop resource for professional writers. Contains writers guidelines to online publications, writing and publishing news updated on weekdays, message boards, job listings and more!
Writers Guild of America <http://www.wga.org> Advice and information on the art and craft of professional screenwriting for film, television, and interactive projects -- including profiles of, and interviews with, the leading writers in the industry.
Writers Guild of America, East <http://www.wgaeast.org> "The Guild negotiates Minimum Basic Agreements with major producers of motion pictures and television programs as well as contracts for members who are involved in the writing and/or production of news at radio and television stations."
WritersNet <http://www.writers.net> A database of published writers, editors, publishers and agents.

Reference Materials

OWL (Online Writing Lab) Purdue University <http://owl.english.purdue.edu/writers/by-topic.html> Resources for Writers. Hundreds of topics.
<http://webster.commnet.edu/HP/pages/darling/grammar.htm> Capital Community-Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut has an extensive collection of online writing resources and lists of links on its excellent website, but offers one caveat: "This document is meant to provide some suggestions about writing in a convenient, hyperlinked format. It surely goes without saying, however, that following all these suggestions and rules about grammar consistently and scoring 100% on all the quizzes will not guarantee good writing. The metaphor of learning to drive is a good one: knowing all the facts and rules in the manual -- how far to park from a fire hydrant, how long to brake on a rainy day in Georgia -- doesn't make you a good driver. Like learning to write, that is largely a matter of learning from others and, more than anything else, practicing in a safe place until you can operate with skill and confidence. Still, there are many who will write with more confidence when they know the rules. So here are some rules, some definitions, some prescriptions, some quizzes, even a place to ask questions. We hope they prove helpful."
[Guide for Writing Research Papers] <http://webster.commnet.edu/mla.htm> A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Modern Language Association (MLA) Documentation.
<http://webster.commnet.edu/HP/pages/darling/grammar/quotes/quotes_frames.htm> What Writers Say About Writing
Anomalous Anonymies <http://webster.commnet.edu/HP/pages/darling/grammar/quotes/quotes_frames.htm> Fun English errors.
Yahoo: Periods and Movements <http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/Literature/Periods_and_Movements> Algonquin Round Table,Beat Generation, Dada and Surrealism, Gothic, Harlem Renaissance, Medieval,Pulp Fiction, Romanticism, Victorian & World War I.

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